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Perfect Posture Correction Brace
Perfect Posture Correction Brace

Perfect Posture Correction Brace

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Poor posture affects your health, confidence and ultimately your mood. The Perfect Posture Correction Brace is designed to move your upper back and shoulder into its correct position, working to improve your posture and reduce pain over time!





  • Reduces Back Pain: Using the Perfect Posture Correction Brace not only improves your sitting posture and relieves soreness, but also increase your confidence.

  • Comfortable and Superior Quality: The Perfect Posture Corrector is made with breathable, strong, washable and high-quality materials for long-lasting back support. Softer foam shoulder pads are for comfort and won't dig into your skin.

  • Adjustability: Our unique design allows you to adjust Perfect Posture to a comfortable setting to ensure stable support and improve your posture.
  • Easy to Wear: just put on the posture corrector, adjust the shoulder pads and pull the back straps. Secure the velcro in place where comfortable.
  • Two Sizes: Medium - Chest Measurement: 28 inches - 38 inches | Large - Chest Measurement: 38 inches to 48 inches